One Boy’s Fantasy Is Another’s Nightmare

Jonah wakes in his bed, crying for us. We’re still at home.

Emily, Miles, and I sprint to his room. “What’s wrong, kiddo?”

“I had a nightmare,” he whimpers. “It was terrible.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Okay.” His eyes grow wide. “We were on our trip around the world. We were flying in this huge jet plane. We were on our way to Thailand. It was so fun. It was actually the best thing ever. And then, all of a sudden…I woke up.”

“Then what happened? What was the nightmare part?”

He looks confused. “That was the nightmare part. I woke up. But what I wanted was to really be on our trip.”

“Nightmare?” says Miles, scoffing at his little brother. “That’s like the best possible dream!”

10 weeks till takeoff.

6 Comments on “One Boy’s Fantasy Is Another’s Nightmare

  1. Happy New Year, travellers all ! You have been getting ready to sail for a.long time ! Now the voyage is underway!

  2. We missed you at the Metz New Year’s Eve party! Now it feels real. Bon Voyage, we look forward to your posts, wonderful so far. My vicarious trip.

    love, Kari and David

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