Month: February 2016

Noodle Seller on Train in Northern Shan State, Myanmar

Thanaka: The Light of Myanmar

If you go to Myanmar, you will see people with a paste that looks like face paint on their faces. It is actually called “thanaka,” and it is much more than face paint. People have used thanaka in Myanmar for …

Sunset in Bagan

Golden Sunsets in Bagan

For years, I have dreamed of Burma.  In my imaginings, it was a land outside of time: golden temples, untouched hillsides, mysterious histories, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner under house arrest.  But there were always reasons not to …

Monks at Enkorsai Pagoda, Siem Reap, Cambodia

At School in Cambodia

On my second trip to Cambodia, fourteen years after the first, the temples of Angkor still astounded. The scale of the vision, the intricacy of the architecture, the skill of the artisanship. For five hundred years, Cambodia controlled …