Month: April 2016

Jew Town, Kochi, Kerala, India

Losing My Religion (in India)

Kerala in April was a furnace of diabolical proportions, the air a humid stew. The locals wouldn’t stop telling us each day how unusually warm it was. (Yes, we’d noticed.) If Kerala truly is “God’s Own Country” as the state… Read More

Dancing Shiva

Trying Out The Tabla in Kochi

One of the things that I have been paying particular attention to as we travel to different countries are the different instruments and musical styles that we hear.  In Thailand, I got to try a salaw, which is… Read More

Tea Plantation Outside Udupussullawa, Sri Lanka

The Revolution Starts Now

The day I turned forty-five, almost exactly double my age since the last birthday I celebrated in Sri Lanka, a bus weaved us along the narrow ridges that lead to Sri Lanka’s hill country. We were volunteering for… Read More

Finding Balance in Kataragama

So far we have been out of the country for 101 days. Just over three months. At times, we are starting to get tired of each other and our tiny rooms. But we have also started paying attention to small things… Read More

Yala birdlife

Caution: Elephant Crossing!

Here in Sri Lanka it is really hot, especially in Colombo.  Once we left the big city, though, the heat wasn’t quite so bad.  After Colombo, we went to the beach at Mirissa where we took surfing lessons, and then… Read More