Our Favorite Restaurants Around the World

Lunch at Lefteris Taverna, Naxos, Greece

In no particular order. And you should realize, context is everything. Pancakes at home might be nothing special. Pancakes in the middle of Shan State, Myanmar are a whole different story.

  1. Lefteris Taverna, Naxos, Greece (extraordinary seasonally-focused restaurant in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Naxos)
  2. Waffle House, Naxos, Greece (amazing ice cream, cones cooked as you wait)
  3. To Elliniko, Naxos, Greece (home of the “olive man”)
  4. Caffe Concerto, Pokhara, Nepal (probably our favorite restaurant of the trip, so I suppose you could call it the best restaurant in the world!)
  5. Upali’s, Colombo, Sri Lanka (crazy cheap and spicy veggie cart for lunch plus egg hoppers!)
  6. Lunch Buffet at Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand (amazing veggie spread)
  7. Pancake Kingdom, Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar (’nuff said)
  8. Terrace Club, Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar (because sometimes, while in Myanmar, you need a little fancy)
  9. Sharon Inn, Kandy, Sri Lanka (I’ve been returning here to dine with my friends Faez and Sue for 25 years now, and it’s still the best Sri Lankan dinner in Kandy)
  10. Cooking Class at Lanka’s, Ella, Sri Lanka (5 hours of sheer deliciousness)
  11. Chill Café, Ella, Sri Lanka (get your groove on)
  12. Felfela, Cairo, Egypt (oh, the tahina)
  13. Miss Kumari’s house, Amherst Bazaar, Sri Lanka (Note: this is not, actually, a restaurant. You will need to befriend Miss Kumari, and then you can have some of the best food in Sri Lanka, including pepper curry.)
  14. Marrakech restaurant, Cairo, Egypt (thank you for an unforgettable meal on the Nile, Sylvia Z.)
  15. That falafel place near the Machne Yehuda market, Jerusalem (best dang falafel we’ve ever had)
Hungry Cozy -- in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar
Yes I am — this is Myanmar after all.
It's clear why our boys were as enthralled with Milo--the original "chocolate malt food drink"--as the rest of South Asia is.
It’s clear why our boys were as enthralled with Milo–the original “chocolate malt food drink”–as the rest of South Asia is.
Pancake Kingdom, Myanmar
We can never repay the gift you gave us, Pancake Kingdom.

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    • Oh man, that sounds good. If only we’d known about this delicacy while we were traveling.

    • Nils! Yes! A great evening that we shall always remember–delicious food and good friends. Every day Jonah still wears the necklace you gave him that night. We miss you and Celine. Come visit us soon!

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