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Lotus at Plum Village

Getting Real (Quiet) at Le Village des Pruniers

Some of the greatest experiences of this trip have been the unplanned, the ones that snuck up on us and spontaneously presented themselves, as if fated. That’s how we wound up living for a week at Plum Village,… Read More

Church of Mary Jerusalem

Seeking Peace in Jerusalem

To visit Jerusalem is to visit the whole world in a single step: it seems, during our three weeks in Israel, that we have studied all of history as it has played out on this tiny patch of… Read More

Prayer Flags at Annapurna Base Camp

Perseverance and Impermanence in the Himalayas

  If the air conditioner in Alleppey, India had been more powerful, we wouldn’t have come to Nepal at all. We’d planned to spend two months in Sri Lanka, split up by a short visit to southern India… Read More

Jew Town, Kochi, Kerala, India

Losing My Religion (in India)

Kerala in April was a furnace of diabolical proportions, the air a humid stew. The locals wouldn’t stop telling us each day how unusually warm it was. (Yes, we’d noticed.) If Kerala truly is “God’s Own Country” as the state… Read More