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Four in the World, Zanzibar, Tanzaniar

What to Do When You No Longer Recognize Home

Three months back into our old lives and the trip feels like an eternity ago. There was no shortage of challenges during the course of our travels. But the hardest, hands-down, has been re-entry. We returned to a home, which we… Read More

Sphinx and Camel Caravan, Cairo

Alone on the Nile

These days, Egypt’s reputation precedes it. When we first mentioned Cairo and Luxor as key destinations in our itinerary, friends and family had raised concerned eyebrows. But everyone we’d met who’d visited Egypt in the past six months… Read More

Ziplining Through the Jungle

We bumped along a dusty road in a car outfitted with lots of ropes and pulleys. My brother was carsick as usual, but I was excited. We were on our way to zipline, deep in the forest outside of Chiang… Read More

Caring for Elephants in Thailand

Care for Injured Elephants

We woke up early and jumped in a van in front of our guesthouse in Chiang Mai. We were going to see the elephants! Elephant Nature Park is a place where they save hurt elephants and elephants that have been mistreated. It was started… Read More

Heading Off to Thai School

The Making of Global Citizens

We’d been exploring central and northern Thailand for sixteen days already. Jet lag was a (relatively) distant memory. We’d searched out hidden temples, secret beaches, bustling markets. We’d been conveyed by transportation modes the boys had never even… Read More

Shooting Pool in Chiang Mai

Connections in Chiang Mai

Sitting in the dining car of the night train to Chiang Mai, warm night air in our faces as the lights of Northern Thai towns raced past us, I whispered to Miles, “This part. I want to remember… Read More

Snorkeling in Koh Samet


Happiness, something as hard to chase as the sun, yet so close you can reach out and grab it. It all started with an Uber car picking us up in Berkeley with all our bags, heavy and laden with… Read More